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With us, you can store, transfer, and pay in cryptocurrency with a secure crypto wallet, as well as transfer your crypto internal and external of CoinPay24 at the lowest cost. Our top priority is to protect your identity and financial information. We do not share or transfer our customer's financial information with any third parties.

Coinpay24 is a crypto wallet that can be utilized for transferring, as well as storing digital currency. It securely stores a wide range of digital assets in offline storage. This platform supports all countries.

No, we don’t need your real personal data, you can do so optionally for invoicing purposes or use your nickname and email address.

At any time, you can request insight or access, correct or delete your personal data, restrict their processing or object to the processing. We will notify you if this request affects the possibility of further operation of this website or our business cooperation.

Transactions that are Cancelled/Timed Out will remain a minimum of 30 days. Other transactions will remain for a minimum of 3 years.

If you have issues or questions using the CoinPay24 services, contact us through the live chat or contact form on the CoinPay24 website or send us an email to [email protected]. We will be very happy to assist you

  • ⒈ Create or import a wallet.
  • ⒉ Load the wallet with funds.
  • ⒊ All set to order the CoinPay24 card.

After you have created your wallet, you want to make sure it has funds. To load your wallet, you need to have cryptocurrency either in another wallet or on an exchange.

If you prefer to buy cryptocurrency through an exchange, the process in most cases will be:

  • ⒈ Create an account on the exchange.
  • ⒉ Register a payment method.
  • ⒊ Buy cryptocurrency.
  • ⒋ Send the funds to your CoinPay24 Wallet.

It’s the new hotness, innovative, novel, and shiny!

A form of push back against central bankers and government spending

Easily and quickly access your crypto in a foreign country as a Plan B

It can eliminate expensive middlemen/escrow services

Fast and inexpensive transactions

Cryptocurrencies in the form of Utility Tokens can be used to raise capital

The confidential way in a trustful environment

Losing the wallet ID or password should not cause too many problems, as long as you still have your email. The advantage of a non-custodial wallet is that you don't need a private key to generate the wallet ID. Most Custodial wallet should import a private key.
If you lose your private key, however, you won’t be able to submit transactions into the Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin network, making your Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin completely inaccessible. Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin from lost keys is still on the Network, but for all practical purposes, it is gone. With a non-custodial wallet, your Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin will never lose.

NO. Our payment options don't require you to have a verified wallet or merchant account. Our services don't need KYC check.

The pricing for all of our services is listed here:

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Please contact us through the live chat or by email at [email protected].

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